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Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy process. Your home, property, bank accounts, and business are all at risk of being used to repay your debts. When it seems like there is no hope, The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, want you to know that you have rights. Our Waterbury bankruptcy exemption attorneys will help you navigate Connecticut’s complex bankruptcy law code, and let you know what you are entitled to exempt from collection. Your situation is already difficult, let us help make it easier. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Many of our clients aren’t aware that The State of Connecticut guarantees you the right to exempt certain property from creditors. The idea of bankruptcy is to give the hardworking people of Connecticut a fresh start and help them discharge unpayable debts. Our successful bankruptcy lawyers in New Haven County have decades of combined experience helping people just like you keep what matters to them most.

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The details and possible exemptions are going to vary from case to case, meaning that only an in-depth consultation with one of our bankruptcy lawyers in Waterbury will be able to determine what you can and cannot protect. Contact us today for your free consultation and we will help you understand your rights.

Home, property and income protection

The law in Connecticut protects a wide range of assets up to a certain value. It’s very possible that you could protect your home, certain property, and different forms of income up to a certain amount from being included in payments to your creditors. After all, the idea of bankruptcy is to give you a chance to start again and work your way back, not completely ruin your life. The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, have years of experience fighting greedy creditors in court, and we won’t let them take what they aren’t legally entitled to. Not a single creditor will ever look out for your well-being, and they won’t ever remind you of what they aren’t allowed to take. That’s why you need a trusted team of lawyers to defend your rights.

Connecticut bankruptcy attorneys

If you are going through a bankruptcy case, then you need to know your rights. Get The Law Office of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, today and help keep the things that matter to you most.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

When there is nowhere else to turn, many people rush into the decision to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This helpful protection is sometimes the only option for people heavily in debt, but it might not always be the best idea. There are severe consequences for those who file, and it should only be used in the right situations. The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, have a combined 40 years of experience helping our clients in Waterbury and the rest of Connecticut understand the details of their situation and even avoid declaring bankruptcy altogether. Consult with one of our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys today to find out if you are eligible for the alternatives to bankruptcy.

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It is impossible for us to know every detail of your case without an in-depth consultation. The complexity of your financial situation and the laws of Connecticut mean that we need to discuss the details and form a plan of action. Contact us today for your free consultation. We want to help you avoid bankruptcy at all costs.

Our Connecticut bankruptcy attorneys can help you avoid or delay bankruptcy

Banks and credit card firms haven’t gotten to where they are by giving their money away or not pursuing their debts. Many are aggressive, ruthless, and unsympathetic to your situation. Not our lawyers, though. We have built a reputation as Connecticut’s most aggressive defense team, often helping our clients delay or restructure their bankruptcy filings, protect their credit, and help keep their assets. We will act as your mediator in court and work tirelessly to defend what matters to you the most. There are several routes that we could pursue, such as:

  • Real estate short sales
  • Lien stripping
  • Mortgage modification
  • Credit card repayment plans
  • And more

You need unwavering defense against creditors, because they are not known for being kind. In fact, many will even break laws or breach agreements to get what is owed to them. In the event that one has broken the law while dealing with you, we will make sure they are reprimanded for using unfair practices.

Don’t settle for bankruptcy unless you have to. Get Connecticut’s best bankruptcy attorneys. The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, can help you delay, avoid, or restructure your proceedings, and keep what matters most to you in life.

Connecticut Bankruptcy FAQ

Bankruptcy is one of the most complex and confusing sections of the Connecticut State Law. There are so many nuances governing your case that it is nearly impossible for someone without law experience to understand it. Many of our clients come to The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, with a great deal of stress and anxiety about their predicament, mainly because they aren’t aware of any of the answers to their questions. We want to put an end to that.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about bankruptcy, but our experienced Connecticut bankruptcy attorneys are the most knowledgeable and skilled in the industry. We will simplify the process, shed light on your situation, and help find the best option for you.

Here are some of the most frequently as questions from our bankruptcy clients:

How are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy different?

These two are the most common bankruptcy filings, but are very different from each other. In Chapter 7, all of your debts are discharged completely. In Chapter 13, they are restructured into an affordable three or five-year repayment plan.

Will Bankruptcy take all of my money, property, and belongings?

No. Bankruptcy is a valuable consumer protection designed to give you a fresh start, not completely ruin your life. Many of our clients are afraid of filing because they think everything will be taken from them. The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, will make sure that you keep what you are entitled to.

I’m behind on my mortgage. Will bankruptcy save my home?

In many cases, filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you catch up on your mortgage and get out from under water. We won’t know until you consult with us, though.

Can I stop creditors from harassing me or garnishing my wages?

Many of our clients aren’t aware that a stay is automatically placed on your case once you file for bankruptcy. This means that creditors are forbidden from contacting you. It also places a hold on any wage garnishments.

What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(FDPA)?

The FDPA is designed to help debtors who are being harassed by creditors. If they continue to contact you when you have filed for bankruptcy or your debts have been discharged, then they are breaking the law. You now have the right to sue them in civil court. The Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC, can help protect your rights and bring them to court for breaking the law. Keep all of the evidence and we can help you get a monetary reward.

Can I discharge all of my debts in bankruptcy?

The debts that you can discharge in bankruptcy are going to vary depending on the situation, but no, not all debts can be discharged. Certain debts like student loans, child-support payments, and most taxes cannot be discharged, while medical bills, credit card bills, home loans, and unsecured personal loans can.

How does bankruptcy affect my credit?

Bankruptcy has a negative effect on your credit, but it is actually the first step toward recovery. Since you are declaring bankruptcy because you can’t afford your debts, your credit has already been negatively affected. The only way to build it back is to start fresh. By not taking action, your credit will continue until it hits rock bottom. Despite the negative effects, bankruptcy is the best alternative for building your credit back.